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Terla at I-59 - 6 Days Ago25
Anyone know why traffic is backed up at I12 and I 59?
R328 at I-59 - 1 Week Ago24
What r I-59 road conditions like coming from New Orleans going to Ohio?
R419 at I-59 - 1 Week Ago23
How is I59 To Tuscaloosa looking?
R111 at I-59 - 1 Week Ago22
Is I-59 north of trussville exit 141 still not moving??
Sjl at I-59 - 1 Week Ago21
How are the roads from meridian to Birmingham?
mattm at I-59,AL - 1 Week Ago20
59 north of Trussville exit 141 at a stop
Pat at I-59 - 1 Week Ago19
How does 59 out of Birmingham toward Chattanooga look?
Joe at I-59 - 1 Week Ago18
Road conditions around Cuba, ala
R878 at I-59 - 1 Week Ago17
Is I59 South from Chattanooga to Meridan Ms open??
R232 at I-59 - 1 Week Ago16
I59 conditions from Gadsden to trusville
Msg for i59 north at I-59 - 1 Week Ago15
How are Road conditions from New Orleans to Laurel
R304 at I-59 - 1 Week Ago14
How is the road conditions from meridian,ms to Birmingham , al
Squirmy at I-59 - 1 Week Ago13
How's roads going towards chattanooga
R599 at I-59 - 2 Weeks Ago12
Still sitting in I-59 traffic..any updates? Praying for all involved.
R847 at I-59 - 2 Weeks Ago11
The police just said it will be a couple of hours before they open the interstate back up!
Netzie at I-59 - 2 Weeks Ago10
Why are we parked on the interstate
R847 at I-59 - 2 Weeks Ago9
OMG!! My sister talked to a lady who saw it happen and she said there was kids screaming in the car that caught fire and a man was fighting for his life! They just landed a 3rd helicopter! Praying for all involved!!
R986 at I-59 - 2 Weeks Ago8
A dead body on side of road where the little car that caught on fire was
R847 at I-59 - 2 Weeks Ago7
We have been sitting in this for almost a hour and only moved a inch! 2 helicopters have already landed! A white SUV type was going up the wrong side of the interstate and hit a red car that burst into flames!
R708 at I-59 - 2 Weeks Ago6
Wonder why they haven't detoured traffic!
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