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R622 at I-64 - Yesterday, 10:24 PM96
We drove through the grass and went back to Okawville.
R823 at I-64 - Yesterday, 10:14 PM95
Anybody seeing yet what happend?
R174 at I-64 - Yesterday, 10:07 PM94
No movement here tow truck just passed and semi so idk
R823 at I-64 - Yesterday, 10:04 PM93
Anybody know what's going on and if cars moving
R368 at I-64 - Yesterday, 09:42 PM92
Going on 2 hours stopped now, no news on any websites
R174 at I-64 - Yesterday, 09:34 PM91
Semi fire apparently. Shut down i64 and are supposedly redirecting traffic to the exit but we arent moving so idk about the rerouting
R180 at I-64 - Yesterday, 09:18 PM90
What's is going on on I64? We are on stand still for over an hour
R905 at I-64 - Yesterday, 09:08 PM89
what is going on on I64?
R796 at I-64 - 6 Days Ago88
Traffic rerouted due to accident.
R189 at I-64 - 6 Days Ago87
What's going on I/64 east bound at Okawville exit
R747 at I-64 - 1 Week Ago86
Thinking about turning around
Not knowing if they are going to open highway soon or not
R996 at I-64 - 1 Week Ago85
What happened on I-64 E
R747 at I-64 - 1 Week Ago84
Anybody know what's up
R747 at I-64 - 1 Week Ago83
Stuck for an hour now.
Is highway closed
R720 at I-64 - 1 Week Ago82
R336: do you know what is going on
R720 at I-64 - 1 Week Ago81
R336: do you know what is going on on 64 east Illinois
R720 at I-64 - 1 Week Ago80
Does anyone know what is going on on I 64 east Illinois
R106 at I-64 - 2 Weeks Ago79
Sorry meant 64E
R106 at I-64 - 2 Weeks Ago78
Traffic is stopped on 64w. Can anyone tell me why?
Stuck at I-64 - 2 Weeks Ago77
What's going on East bound I-64
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