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mrl 921 at I-68 - 6 Days Ago23
Why the school delay? How are roads between western port and frostburg?
R881 at I-68 - 2 Weeks Ago22
How are the roads between Cumberland, frostburg, Morgantown on I68 east
Julz at I-68 - 1st Feb, 201721
How are the roads between frostburg and morgantown
R843 at I-68 - 31st Jan, 201720
How are the road conditions between mm22 and clarysville
LC at I-68 - 30th Jan, 201719
How is 68 from the md/WV line to LaVale?
princess1993 at I-68 - 30th Jan, 201718
How is the road from interstate 68 to Morgantown
R187 at I-68 - 28th Jan, 201717
Conditions on 68 between Morgantown to Friendsville to Cumberland. Anyone know any of those areas????
R187 at I-68 - 28th Jan, 201716
Saturday. Conditions from Morgantown Friendsville to Cumberland on 68East?????
R114 at I-68 - 27th Jan, 201715
Current rd conditions on 68 to Hageratown
R251 at I-68 - 19th Jan, 201714
Has the accident. Been clear - What is the approx. Time the traffic will be moving
R607 at I-68 - 14th Jan, 201713
What are road conditions from HANCOCK Md to Hagerstown Md
R674 at I-68 - 14th Jan, 201712
Rt 68 to Morgantown
R380 at I-68 - 10th Jan, 201711
Driving conditions on 68 from Hancock, Md to Morgantown roght now?
Bill at I-68 - 7th Jan, 201710
What condition are roads in west of cumberland on route 68?
R359 at I-68 - 6th Jan, 20179
What are roads like on 68. Headed to buckhanon
R255 at I-68 - 5th Jan, 20178
What are conditions on 68 West from exit 220 to morgantown wv? Any snow squalls? Daughter traveling from PA to WVU.
Jackie at I-68 - 29th Dec, 20167
What is the weather along md west 70 to 68 to west va to 79. Is there snow in Garrett county MD along 68?
bfly at I-68 - 22nd Dec, 20166
What's the problem on 68 in wv just past coopers rock?
Julie at I-68 - 17th Dec, 20165
What are road conditions on I68 getting into LaVale Md
Roadnow Chat for I-680,OH - 10th Dec, 20134
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