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R486 at I-70 - 4 Days Ago98
Apparently all lanes east bound are closed due to traffic accident
Ohio at I-70 - 4 Days Ago97
Whats happening on I70 near cloverdale, IN
R377 at I-70 - 1 Week Ago96
Anybody know anything
R377 at I-70 - 1 Week Ago95
Any news on the traffic to frederick
R407 at I-70 - 1 Week Ago94
What's the problem on l70 headed towards Fredrick?
Leo at I-70 - 1 Week Ago93
Fatal motorcycle accident yesterday at Westbound I-70 where it intersects with the Kansas-Missouri State Line. Cycle struck the guardrail on notoriously treacherous hairpin turn at 423-B, was thrown over the rail to roadway 100 feet below.
R102 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago92
At a dead stop east bound
R674 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago91
Heavy rain west of Columbus, OH 8:29 am
R815 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago90
What is going on on 70 near bentlyville
R139 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago89
What is going on on I 70 W near Monongahela in PA this morning?
R917 at I-70 - 7th Apr, 201788
At stand still I 70 Richmond in closed
R765 at I-70 - 7th Apr, 201787
Traffic stopped mm24.3. Anyone
AD at I-70,IN - 4th Apr, 201786
West bound lanes near Emminence stopped - traffic miles long -not sure why
R629 at I-70 - 3rd Apr, 201785
Can anyone tell me condition of I70 through Kansas? Is it concrete pr asphault?
R779 at I-70 - 31st Mar, 201784
Been sitting on 70 for hour so far.
Judi at I-70 - 31st Mar, 201783
Stuck on 70 before Twin bridges rd. How bad is it?
R587 at I-70 - 31st Mar, 201782
If I get off at Kamerer what road do I take to get around this
R238 at I-70 - 31st Mar, 201781
Find another route. Once you're in it.... you are stuck. Not many exits out here!
R277 at I-70 - 31st Mar, 201780
How far back is traffic from the accident on 70? Coming thru Washington Pa and don't wanna get stuck.
R603 at I-70 - 31st Mar, 201779
What is the hold up on I-70. Ugh!!!
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