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R199 at I-70 - 13 Hours Ago176
I70 traffic stop West, still?
Angeleyes0965 at I-70 - 4 Days Ago175
Leaving for Boonville MO. From Denver CO. How is 1-70 looking through Kansas right now?
Jennifer at I-70 - 5 Days Ago174
Tomorrow leaving from Falls City Neb and going to Springfield Mo... how are the roads in the am??
R595 at I-70 - 5 Days Ago173
How is I-70 East of Limon to Colby Ks?
slick rick at I-70 Hays, Kansas Traffic - 5 Days Ago172
what is I70 like out between Salina @ Hays KS
R825 at I-70 - 5 Days Ago171
Is 81 to 70 a good idea leaving Charlotte
Beemerme at I-70 - 5 Days Ago170
Leaving Charlotte is 81 to 70 a good idea
R497 at I-70 - 5 Days Ago169
Leaving Charlotte going to maryland is 81 to 70 a good idea
Ginger Shriver at I-70 - 6 Days Ago168
How is I-70 from Denver to Hays Kansas
R664 at I-70 - 6 Days Ago167
Can anyone tell me how it is from quinter to wakeeney
I hate to do it at I-70 - 6 Days Ago166
Can anybody tell me how it is from Grinnell to Goodland
R109 at I-70 - 6 Days Ago165
Road conditions from Hays to Lawrence
Fer at I-70 - 6 Days Ago164
Road conditions between hays and Lawrence
R534 at I-70 - 6 Days Ago163
How is 70 from Denver to KS on
R412 at I-70 - 6 Days Ago162
How are road conditions on I 70 between Abilene and Salina Kansas?
Spicy at I-70 - 6 Days Ago161
How is the weather going west on hwy 70 Topeka Ks to Colo
R521 at I-70 - 6 Days Ago160
What does the 70 look like going east from i15 utah to grand junction colorado? Chains required?
Ron at I-70 - 6 Days Ago159
How are roads from Kc to manhattan ks
R518 at I-70 - 6 Days Ago158
How are the roads heading east out of Denver through KC?
Chrisclan6 at I-70 - 1 Week Ago157
How is I-70 from Indianapolis to Kansas City?
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