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Chat Room for I-79

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R443 at I-79 - Yesterday, 03:45 PM29
What happened around mile marker 71?
Dani at I-79,WV - 6 Days Ago28
Traffic extremely backed up mm 139 northbound
Leslie at I-79,WV - 6 Days Ago27
Accident. Traffic stopped on I-79north.
R689 at I-79 - 2 Weeks Ago26
Anyone know why traffic is backed up on 79 between clarksburg and Fairmont?
R198 at I-79 - 6th May, 201725
What are the traffic conditions on rye 19 north near Ross park mall
Kimmiann at I-79 - 5th May, 201724
Does anyone know what's going on on i79 north close to Morgantown
R800 at I-79 - 27th Apr, 201723
Why is traffic stored in Fairmont
R129 at I-79 - 23rd Apr, 201722
What's up at exit 115
I-79 Accident at I-79,WV - 21st Apr, 201721
There was a multiple car accident near the 153 mile marker on I-79 N in WV at approximately 5:22 pm on 4/21/2017.
R542 at I-79 - 17th Apr, 201720
Why is traffic backed up on I79 my 110
R962 at I-79 - 16th Apr, 201719
How traffic I79 North around Clarksburg
Jam at I-79 - 15th Apr, 201718
R806 Sandra D at I-79 - 11th Apr, 201717
Why is there traffic
R504 at I-79 - 10th Apr, 201716
Whats happening on 79S near Goshen Rd exit 146?
R672 at I-79 - 8th Apr, 201715
Any delays from Morgantown WV to Washington PA?
Kath at I-79 - 8th Apr, 201714
What is happening on 79 south near bentleyville
R909 at I-79 - 4th Apr, 201713
When will we know anything about the guy in the motorcycle wreck on the interstate from 4-4-17 ??
Phil at I-79 - 3rd Apr, 201712
Why is traffic backed up on 79 north
BLT at I-79 Fairmont, West Virginia - 29th Mar, 201711
is I79 North mm136 closed or moving
R. H. at I-79,PA - 15th Mar, 201710
MM 142 northbound car in ditch right side of highway.
MM 142 car in ditch southbound exit ramp Cochranton exit.
R184 at I-79 - 9th Mar, 20179
Is there a rest area soon? We are just south of Pittsburgh on 79 exit is 55
R590 at I-79 - 5th Mar, 20178
Any news on the accident on i79 north this morning involving semis?
R967 at I-79 - 5th Mar, 20177
Why is the road closed near exit 99?
R456 at I-79 - 25th Feb, 20176
What's with 79 south to work Beckley some kind of a detour
Babydoll7563 at I-79 - 10th Feb, 20175
Southbound at mm55 deads stop due to accident coroner vehicle just went by
R786 at I-79 - 10th Feb, 20174
What does I- 79 North going to Jerry Dove Drive look like right now?
R632 at I-79 - 9th Feb, 20173
Does anyone know if I 79 South is icey
R522 at I-79 - 7th Feb, 20172
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