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Chat Room for I-8

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A033 at I-87 - 57 Minutes Ago788
Que passa 87 south
R623 at I-85 - 20 Hours Ago787
Bumper to bumper l 85 North mile 109
R533 at I-8 - Yesterday, 11:29 AM786
Why the hold up on east 8?
R891 at I-8 - Yesterday, 08:08 AM785
When will I-8 open up?
R250 at I-80 - Yesterday, 12:27 AM784
Overturn rig on left lane really bad exit 353 near York. Be careful slow down be safe
R106 at I-87 - Yesterday, 06:33 PM783
I287 mahwah NJ traffic stopped, what is the problem?
R106 at I-87 - Yesterday, 06:22 PM782
I87 Mahwah NJ traffic stopped, what is the problem ?
R831 at I-80 - 2 Days Ago781
I 80 east near exit 73. Back up! Any one know what's going on?
J at I-88 - 2 Days Ago780
Trying to get to Cobleskill from I take route 20 to get to I-88 is that area open yet???
Joan at I-88 - 3 Days Ago779
Going to the Paramount Theatre in Aurora. Need to know where to exit I-88 W/B.
R469 at I-81 - 4 Days Ago778
What's going on I 81 south 82 mile marker
R646 at I-80 - 5 Days Ago777
Eastbound between Toledo and Cleveland. Traffic's backed up forever
R646 at I-80 - 5 Days Ago776
Anyone have info
Sheena at I-85 - 5 Days Ago775
Just past exit for Gàffey, SC traffic is bumper to bumper. Been this way since we hit Altanta,Ga. Does anyone know why other than the weather?
R911 at I-85 - 5 Days Ago774
Any idea of problem on I 85
R964 at I-81 - 5 Days Ago773
What is happening on 81
I 80 south bend at I-80 - 5 Days Ago772
Anyone know what the hold up is near south bend? I'm 15 minutes away and GPS says 2 hours to south bend
R661 at I-80 - 6 Days Ago771
What's going on on I 80 by tire rack
R429 at I-80 - 6 Days Ago770
Stopped at I80 near South Bend;anyone know why?
Mel at I-80,CA - 6 Days Ago769
Stopped traffic Vacaville I 80 east
R817 at I-85 - 6 Days Ago768
My father dropped his checkbook... any idea how to call Reston management?
R491 at I-81 - 6 Days Ago767
Whats traffic like for south 81 around ironto
R634 at I-80 - 6 Days Ago766
No idea, situation normal, all f***ed up
R505 at I-80 - 6 Days Ago765
Does anyone know why we are stopped?
R819 at I-81 - 1 Week Ago764
Seems to be the backup on 81 in Lebanon County
R777 at I-89 - 1 Week Ago763
I wonder the same thing
R885 at I-89 - 1 Week Ago762
89 is closed at this location. What happened?
R470 at I-80 - 1 Week Ago761
Any word on when I 80 east Will open from Evanston to Cheyenne?
Chase at I-80 - 1 Week Ago760
Anyone know what the traffic is from on I 80 west thru NJ
R895 at I-80 - 1 Week Ago759
Going from Rawlings to Cheyenne. Are roads open
kathy at I-80 Evanston, Wyoming Traffic - 1 Week Ago758
does anyone know why I-80 is shut down?
Ash at I-80 - 1 Week Ago757
What's going on on 1-80 west mile 84?
Sws at I-81 - 1 Week Ago756
R154 at I-81 - 1 Week Ago755
How long is the road worknow near Colonial Heighrs, TN?
Mel at I-80 - 1 Week Ago754
Is I-80 West at Laramie closed?
R749 at I-80 - 1 Week Ago753
At Bitter Creek Rest stop. Is i80 open to Rawlins?
R680 at I-85 - 1 Week Ago752
How is traffic around Duncan,any wrecks
KAy at I-80 - 1 Week Ago751
Hii can you let me know what time i80 wear open
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