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R476 at I-85 - 17 Hours Ago676
Headed to work. Is there traffic on I-85 North getting off onto exit 19
Kat at I-88 - 20 Hours Ago675
What's going on with I 88 11 miles from Dixon eastboaund?
R824 at I-80 - Yesterday, 05:12 AM674
80 south from Kimball...conditions
R620 at I-80 - 2 Days Ago673
Is I-80 west out of Reno closed?
R387 at I-81 - 2 Days Ago672
Hello we are going 81 north to 64 to charlottesville. We r near Abington now and raining hard and some fog. How r rest of road to charlottesville!? Thank u my cell 4347602050 I am not driving
R654 at I-80 - 2 Days Ago671
Where is the nearest chipotle
Morticia at I-85 - 3 Days Ago670
How long time is backup on i85 north Atlanta
R713 at I-81 - 3 Days Ago669
R593 at I-81 - 3 Days Ago668
What's the holdup in 81n central square?
Maven at I-80 - 4 Days Ago667
Is there an accident on I-80?
R112 at I-80 - 4 Days Ago666
What happened on 80 this morning@ Briggs st.exit West bound,about 7:30am
R358 at I-80 - 4 Days Ago665
Is I 80 closed
R567 at I-80 - 4 Days Ago664
How's traffic
R232 at I-85 - 4 Days Ago663
Where is the wreck and what happened?
R620 at I-80 - 4 Days Ago662
How's weather
Rae at I-85 - 5 Days Ago661
Headed to North Carolina on I85 North from Cobb County. What's the traffic like right now
R954 at I-81 - 5 Days Ago660
Traffic stopped at Exit 175.
R531 at I-81 - 5 Days Ago659
Bad accident ahead ?
Elkey at I-85 - 5 Days Ago658
Coming from 85 South going to Athens this weekend. Can you suggest an alternate route around all of the traffic issues. As well as an alternate from Athens to Montgomery?
Vicki at I-84 - 6 Days Ago657
I'm trying to find towns that are along the area where I84 crosses the Utah state line into Idaho and towns whee the I84 crosses the Idaho state line into Oregon. Can you tell me some?
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