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R195 at I-80 - 2 Hours Ago681
Westover to Salt lake?
Stuck123 at I-80 - 6 Hours Ago680
Is westbound 80 to California open??!!
R890 at I-80 - 6 Hours Ago679
How is easbound 80 @ Evanston wy
great at I-80 - 6 Hours Ago678
Chains?. Oh no
R732 at I-80 - 6 Hours Ago677
Snowing in wendover, make sure you have chains with you, they could be required any moment.
great at I-80 - 6 Hours Ago676
How is i80 wendover to salt lake
R943 at I-8 - 7 Hours Ago675
Request road conditions on Boulevard area of I-8, is there "snow on the road". Yhank you
R896 at I-80 - 9 Hours Ago674
When is i80 west to Sacramento will be opened for trucks?
R908 at I-80 - 10 Hours Ago673
Accident mm 250 all lanes closed traffic being detoured off rt 80 onto side roads
R908 at I-80 - 10 Hours Ago672
Accidemt mm 250 rt 80
R195 at I-80 - 10 Hours Ago671
What's up at marker 250
Yeroc at I-80 - 13 Hours Ago670
Is I-80 open going eastbound from Windows
R970 at I-80 - 14 Hours Ago669
Is I-80 from Wendover to Salt Lake open?
R286 at I-80 - 14 Hours Ago668
Oh my God **** this so much right now
Teta63 at I-80 - 18 Hours Ago667
R375: does anyone have any idea when i80w will open again?
Teta 63 at I-80 - 18 Hours Ago666
Any news onto when I 80w will open again?
Kensangel at I-80 - 19 Hours Ago665
I80 from wells to Wendover need plowed east bound using my 4 wheel drive at 35 mi hr
caddi at I-80 - 20 Hours Ago664
are the roads gonna open soon
R501 at I-88 - 20 Hours Ago663
R780: what happened on 88
R501 at I-88 - 20 Hours Ago662
What's going on on 88 exit 24 & 25
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