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GCrown at I-80 - Yesterday, 10:05 PM558
Rrover: did you get out of it?? If you got a ps4 you should add me FriedMerman
GCrown at I-80 - Yesterday, 09:42 PM557
We moving...bye friend....
GCrown at I-80 - Yesterday, 09:37 PM556
Awe I don't have a spoon....fooie
GCrown at I-80 - Yesterday, 09:34 PM555
GCrown at I-80 - Yesterday, 09:31 PM554
Can't take much more haha I'm frikken hungry.
GCrown at I-80 - Yesterday, 09:26 PM553
Bahahahaha then I need to seriously get going to help this war move along!!! No its not but I am right next to the ones who are.
Rrover at I-80 - Yesterday, 09:25 PM552
Is that you bumpin da beat
Rrover at I-80 - Yesterday, 09:24 PM551
Mass effect is an all out galactic war to take earth back from DONALD TRUMP LOL
GCrown at I-80 - Yesterday, 09:22 PM550
Yeeees. I just picked it up last night and this awful traffic is keeping me from saving the galaxy!!!!
Rrover at I-80 - Yesterday, 09:19 PM549
R237 at I-80 - Yesterday, 09:18 PM548
Bahahaha I can't think of a good one.
Rrover at I-80 - Yesterday, 09:16 PM547
In dentist terms my nickname would be Root Canal ya feel me and this is worse than an extraction
GCrown at I-80 - Yesterday, 09:12 PM546
I gotta say I am not a patient person and this is killin me. I got some Mass effect to play tonight bahah
Rrover at I-80 - Yesterday, 09:11 PM545
I think sully just landed a jumbo jet on i80 at exit 290 passengers are on wings i repeat passengers are on wings
GCrown at I-80 - Yesterday, 09:09 PM544
Haha I got o the phone with a friend so I'm not bored hahahah just saw what y oo u put, neh I'm not a dentists son haha
Rrover at I-80 - Yesterday, 09:08 PM543
Im vglad you read on i80 website what we already fn know
Rrover at I-80 - Yesterday, 09:03 PM542
Yo Gold crown what up you mist be a dentists son
Rrover at I-80 - Yesterday, 09:02 PM541
For a chat room yall arent very chatty i picture you with drool and flies around your mouth. Am I right ? can i get an amen?
Rrover at I-80 - Yesterday, 08:59 PM540
I feel like yall dont like me or something
Rrover at I-80 - Yesterday, 08:58 PM539
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