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R960 at I-80 - 10 Hours Ago289
Are there any roads closed im in wells nevada driving back to California
R359 at I-80 - Yesterday, 09:25 PM288
trying to get to bloomsburg on I 80 can someone tell me what going on I have a family member stuck in car at standstill Please let me know what is going on Route I 80 just outside of Bloomsburg heading west bound
R824 at I-80 - 3 Days Ago287
80 south from Kimball...conditions
R620 at I-80 - 3 Days Ago286
Is I-80 west out of Reno closed?
R654 at I-80 - 4 Days Ago285
Where is the nearest chipotle
Maven at I-80 - 5 Days Ago284
Is there an accident on I-80?
R112 at I-80 - 5 Days Ago283
What happened on 80 this morning@ Briggs st.exit West bound,about 7:30am
R358 at I-80 - 6 Days Ago282
Is I 80 closed
R567 at I-80 - 6 Days Ago281
How's traffic
R620 at I-80 - 6 Days Ago280
How's weather
Shorty at I-80 - 1 Week Ago279
Cking if I 80 is open from Elmo to Salt Lake City
Accident at I-80,IN - 1 Week Ago278
I80 indiana / 94mm
Alot the fire rescue traffic stopped
3:40 pm
R669 at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago277
Car fire EB just shy of the 355 junction
Boohoo at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago276
How is visibility from north platte west
R281 at I-80 - 2 Weeks Ago275
Is I 80 backed up at mm 88?
R808 at I-80 - 8th Apr, 2017274
Is I80 from rawlings to cheyenne still closed for hi profile vehicles ?
R201 at I-80 - 7th Apr, 2017273
Is 80 clear thru indiana
R287 at I-80 - 7th Apr, 2017272
Construction in 4 miles after gary
R287 at I-80 - 7th Apr, 2017271
Opened after Gary
R287 at I-80 - 7th Apr, 2017270
All lanes crawling almost to a stop. Hauling oversized load. Closing 2 lanes closed now.
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