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R700 at I-880 - 2 Days Ago22
What is going on
R854 at I-88 - 2 Weeks Ago21
Is the road open to trucks on Interstate 88
Mia at I-88 - 2 Weeks Ago20
Is i88 open for travel
Traveller at I-88 Sterling, Illinois Traffic - 2 Weeks Ago19
How are the road conditions?
Xxt at I-88 - 3rd Mar, 201718
Is it clearing?
Donna at I-88,NY - 3rd Mar, 201717
I88 west, just past worcester rest area traffic is backing up fast, 2 cars right lane. Traffic stopped!
nicole at CA - 21st Feb, 201716
Is I-880 north bound still flooded on freeway?
R501 at I-88 - 22nd Jan, 201715
R780: what happened on 88
R501 at I-88 - 22nd Jan, 201714
What's going on on 88 exit 24 & 25
Marie at I-88 - 22nd Jan, 201713
25a exit closed for some reason getting off the thruway.
R610 at I-88 - 18th Jan, 201712
How are the roads currently on i88 eastbound from cobleskill to i90?
R143 at I-88 - 16th Jan, 201711
How's 88 to cities
Lollie at I-88 - 16th Jan, 201710
Conditions on I 88 from quad cities to sterling/ rock falls
R515 at I-88 - 12th Jan, 20179
How are road conditions on I 88 east bound
Icy Roads! at I-88,IL - 9th Jan, 20178
On I-88 by Sterling/Rock Falls the roads are ridiculously slippery. People sliding all over. Saw at least one truck in ditch. No salt down either! Be careful!
R569 at I-88 - 5th Jan, 20177
Where is the backup
R410 at I-88 - 29th Dec, 20166
What do the roads look like from richmondville by to Schenectady by
HS at I-88 - 18th Dec, 20165
What are the road conditions from Iowa city to Chicago
R831 at I-88 - 18th Dec, 20164
What are road conditions? From Lombard to Dixon
R931 at I-88 - 18th Dec, 20163
What are the road conditions for 88-39?
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