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R777 at I-89 - 1 Week Ago30
I wonder the same thing
R885 at I-89 - 1 Week Ago29
89 is closed at this location. What happened?
ES at I-89 - 1st Apr, 201728
What is the condition of 89 near sunapee? Thanks
R619 at I-89 - 1st Apr, 201727
Is route 3 in New Hampshire open for travel
R250 at I-89 - 28th Mar, 201726
How's 89 North from Williston to exit 17
R164 at I-89 - 27th Mar, 201725
89 south Burkington to Montpelier. Icy?
R895 at I-89 - 15th Mar, 201724
What's 89 south from Waterbury to Albany NY looking like?
Fortin at I-89 - 15th Mar, 201723
St albans to burlington....what's it look like
R663 at I-89 - 15th Mar, 201722
What is I 89 like from Williston to Montpelier?
Kk at I-89 - 14th Mar, 201721
What's 89 going from Burlington to barre look like
R644 at I-89 - 24th Feb, 201720
Fog causing poor visability from Waterbury to white river junction.
R582 at I-89 - 15th Feb, 201719
No tractor trailers being allowed to pass through....Cars first
R582 at I-89 - 15th Feb, 201718
Anyone behind me can relax we are starting to clear
R227 at I-89 - 15th Feb, 201717
What's happening on 89 north? Stuck for an hour
Lisa at I-89 - 15th Feb, 201716
Still sitting in dead stop traffic on 89 north at White River Junction for near 40 min
while snow rapidly accumulates. Any info from ahead of me?
Deforin at I-89 - 15th Feb, 201715
Heavy snow. Northbound at standstill. No idea why
I 89 northbound at I-89,VT - 15th Feb, 201714
I 89 northbound outside white river before woodstock/rutland exit both lanes stopped traffic. Reason unknown.
Nik at I-89,VT - 15th Feb, 201713
We are stuck in traffic for over a half hour now on 89 north
R391 at I-89 - 15th Feb, 201712
Sitting in a parking lot on 89 near exit 21 does anyone know what happened
Me at I-89 - 13th Feb, 201711
Is I89 open this morning?
R275 at I-89 - 13th Feb, 201710
How are roads this mornig
R434 at I-89 - 9th Feb, 20179
What are the road conditions going to St Albans FROM WI OK I vt
R309 at I-89 - 4th Feb, 20178
Thank you
R864 at I-89 - 4th Feb, 20177
slowly starting to move
R864 at I-89 - 4th Feb, 20176
better off taking 7 if you still can
R864 at I-89 - 4th Feb, 20175
R309 at I-89 - 4th Feb, 20174
Traffic moving yet?
R864 at I-89 - 4th Feb, 20173
R309 at I-89 - 4th Feb, 20172
Is there a backup on 89 north
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