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Cw at I-90 - 2 Days Ago203
7 miles down the road a tanker rolled over
Cw at I-90 - 2 Days Ago202
What's going on with traffic in Wisconsin on i90 in Beloit?
Kt at I-90 - 2 Days Ago201
What's happening on west bound I 39/90
Clf at I-90 - 1 Week Ago200
What is traffic condition on i90 west towards buffalo
R259 at I-90 - 1 Week Ago199
What is traffic condition on i90 west to buffalo right now
Crawdaddy at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago198
open now for 4 wheelers..No trucks untill 8pm...according to Cuomos facebook page...
Crawdaddy at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago197
Why no 18 wheelers allowed? Should keep the 4 wheelers off, they cause all the wrecks....
R127 at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago196
Can someone tell is 90 open going east to Buffalo
Guest at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago195
Current conditions I90 east from Syracuse to Utica? Thanks
R993 at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago194
What is the conditions for hwy 90 new york
Bobby at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago193
Its 90 east close towards buffalo NY?
R668 at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago192
Does any one no if I-90east is still closed to Big rigs
R475 at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago191
How is the travel conditions coming from ny to Cape cod on the turnpike
R581 at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago190
How is i90w to Syracuse still closed or open?
Suraji at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago189
Please is i90w to Syracuse open or closed?
R931 at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago188
How is 90 looking for semis this morning
Donald at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago187
Is the 90 open to traffic
R366 at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago186
What is I90 from New York to Ohio
R2d2 at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago185
Is i90 west still closed in Buffalo area
R249 at I-90 - 2 Weeks Ago184
How is the masspike from Boston to shrewsburry
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