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Sam at I-91 - 13 Hours Ago27
Need to go up 91 to exit 26 to Jay Vermont , wondering how the highway is looking? How are the driving conditions??
R973 at I-91 - 2 Days Ago26
R295 at I-91 - 2 Weeks Ago25
How does i91 look from Bradley going north ??
WTF at I-91,MA - 24th Feb, 201724
Whoever allowed 91 north to become such a **** show should be shot
R571 at I-91 - 24th Feb, 201723
What's going on?
R217 at I-91 - 9th Feb, 201722
Where do you go to see replies to these questions ?
R290 at I-91 - 9th Feb, 201721
Is 91 ok to travel now from exit 19 to Hartford?
R157 at I-91 - 31st Jan, 201720
How is 91 from exit 13 to exit 22 north
R120 at I-91 - 31st Jan, 201719
Is 91 north between exits 8 and 9 open now? Should I take 15 from west haven to Hartford?
R626 at I-91 - 25th Jan, 201718
What's going on on i91
R973 at I-91 - 24th Jan, 201717
How is 91S between Deerfield and Holyoke?
Scott at I-91 - 24th Jan, 201716
Could someone tell me how the roads are on 91 from Springfield to Hartford? Thanks
Connie at I-91 - 13th Jan, 201715
How are is 91 to st j from newport?
R478 at I-91 - 12th Jan, 201714
is that accident up on I-91 South still blocking traffic I'm heading over to Connecticut coming from Mass at the moment
R257 at I-91 - 8th Jan, 201713
How are the highway in 91 south.
Robert Nicosia at I-91 New Haven, Connecticut - 7th Jan, 201712
What are the conditions of I-91 form New Haven to Meriden, are the state trucks out blowing
Rweav27 at I-91 - 7th Jan, 201711
How is 91n from new haven to hartford
R219 at I-91 - 3rd Jan, 201710
How are conditions between exit 7 and 17? Headed that way shortly
R386 at I-91 - 2nd Jan, 20179
Theres a really bad accident on 91 northbound between barton and orleans...anyone have any information on whats going on???
R926 at I-91 - 30th Dec, 20168
where do I look for answers?
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