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R341 at I-93 - 2 Weeks Ago21
It's Thursday nite how's traffic right now
R330 at I-93 - 7th Apr, 201720
What is going on on 93 south crawling
Pat at I-93 - 1st Apr, 201719
Going from Mass to nh what's the highway like?
Diamond at I-93 - 1st Apr, 201718
Is it drivable on 93 s
R822 at I-93 - 14th Mar, 201717
93S of Manchester NOT plowed!!
R456 at I-93 - 14th Mar, 201716
How are the roads, due to the snow?
R209 at I-93 - 9th Mar, 201715
Has rt 93N reopened at around exit 2.
WMUR reported it was closed this morning due to falling tree.
Driver at I-93 - 8th Mar, 201714
Anyone know why there's traffic on 93 south exit 5??
R693 at I-93 - 28th Feb, 201713
Traffic clear 93 here
R693 at I-93 - 28th Feb, 201712
Mile 93 police active driver pulled over
R693 at I-93 - 28th Feb, 201711
Slow moving traffic , stand still in some areas
KAR at I-93,NH - 28th Feb, 201710
Traffic build up for 5 or more miles near mile marker , north 7
R917 at I-93 - 25th Feb, 20179
Is there an accident on rt 93 north in Windham nh?
R917 at I-93 - 25th Feb, 20178
Exit 3 winham closed
Kim at I-93 - 24th Feb, 20177
How bad is 93
R173 at I-93 - 19th Feb, 20176
What's happening on I 95 south bound near Canterbury new hampshire
Rose at I-93 - 12th Feb, 20175
Roads very slick on 93 north and south in Plymouth area.
R164 at I-93 - 12th Feb, 20174
how is south to andover.
R812 at I-93 - 9th Feb, 20173
Is it safe to drive to Andover ?
R378 at I-93 - 8th Feb, 20172
I-93 south to I-128 still icy?
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