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Katy at I-95 - 4 Days Ago425
Traffic jam northbound on 95 after the Georgia border into sc
R776 at I-95 - 4 Days Ago424
What's up on I-95 around Yemesee SC?
R149 at I-95 - 4 Days Ago423
What the hell is the slow traffic
R888 at I-95 - 5 Days Ago422
Is 95 south open between Ormond beach and 50
epl at I-95 - 5 Days Ago421
I am at 102 mile marker in Maryland and am eager to return to Abington, PA
R362 at I-95 - 5 Days Ago420
Is 95 N clear to SC time 1:19
R216 at I-95 - 5 Days Ago419
What's happening on I95 near Elkton,MD? Complete stop..parking lot.
R678 at I-95 - 6 Days Ago418
Any clue on why the hold up on phillips highway and 95?
R689 at I-95 - 6 Days Ago417
There is no accident they are just holding the traffic????
R689 at I-95 - 6 Days Ago416
Why do the troopers have I 95 North by Jacksonville at a stop and holding
R930 at I-95 - 6 Days Ago415
What's happening N 95 by exit 208
Four queens at I-95 - 6 Days Ago414
What's going on in I 95 south in SC outside of Florence
Eric at I-95 - 1 Week Ago413
What's going on with the crash on I-95 south in Carolina.
R693 at I-95 - 1 Week Ago412
What's the problem o n i95 going to Washington
R133 at I-95 - 1 Week Ago411
What r the conditions for I95 northbound
R224 at I-95 - 1 Week Ago410
Is I 95 north open now
R224 at I-95 - 1 Week Ago409
Heading north on 95 from Emporia what roads are open
R937 at I-95 - 1 Week Ago408
Heading back to DC from NJ, can anybody share road condition please
Tweet at I-95 - 1 Week Ago407
How is the road in I 95 southbound road? Is the road icy?
R835 at I-95 - 1 Week Ago406
heading to Philadelphia from Baltimore. how are the roads
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