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R103 at I-95 - 2 Hours Ago182
Any traffic delays between fayettville nc and richmond va?
R855 at I-95 - 6 Hours Ago181
What's I-95 N look like entering SC
Kidd B at I-95 - 8 Hours Ago180
What's 95 S looking like heading to Stafford from Woodbridge
R526 at I-95 - 2 Days Ago179
Any one know what is going on?
Worried mom at I-95 - 4 Days Ago178
Has anyone heard of accidents between Washington and Richmond since 11 a.m.??
R648 at I-95 - 4 Days Ago177
Are there any reports of accidents on 95 between Washington and Richmond?
Florida at I-95 - 6 Days Ago176
Does anyone know anything about a car flipped near Stuart Florida?
R416 at I-95 - 6 Days Ago175
Got on 34 east to 501 north will take you 95 in north Carolina
R626 at I-95 - 6 Days Ago174
Whats going i95 s near ext 281a SC
R222 at I-95 - 6 Days Ago173
What's the reason of traffic in i95?
**** hurts at I-95 - 6 Days Ago172
R736 at I-95 - 1 Week Ago171
Whats the reason for the traffic being stopped on I95 in GA
R671 at I-95 - 1 Week Ago170
What's up on the lower part of 95 in NJ before Wilmington?
R683 at I-95 - 1 Week Ago169
Nope, but looks like life flight just left.
R133 at I-95 - 1 Week Ago168
Anybody know why we're stopped on I95 N?
R210 at I-95 - 1 Week Ago167
What's up with 1-95n traffic stopped in South Carolina
R289 at I-95 - 1 Week Ago166
What's going on on 95 south in Georgia? Traffic is stopped.
Pimp at I-95 - 1 Week Ago165
How is the traffic going south bound
R760 at I-95 - 1 Week Ago164
How is traffic on 95
R584 at I-95 - 1 Week Ago163
Does anyone know why so many semi's are still in the weigh stations & rest areas?? Unusual for this late on a weekday
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