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Rimrock, Arizona City Info

~1.83 miles to Exit 297mm of I-17 AZ
~2.56 miles to Exit 298 of I-17 AZ

Rimrock, Arizona is close to the interstate highway I-17. It is neighboring other cities: Lake Montezuma, AZ (4.1mi/17m ); Camp Verde, AZ (13.6mi/35m ); Big Park, AZ (12.4mi/28m ). You can get to the city from exit 298 of i17 (19.8mi/35m ); exit 293 of i17 (10.6mi/25m ); exit 289 of i17 (8.5mi/27m ). Rimrock, Arizona can reach interstate highways: i17 (7.1mi/22m ); i40 (46.8mi/1.1h ); i10 (100.5mi/2.1h ). It is also close to local highways: AZ 179 (4.9mi/19m ); AZ 260 (18.9mi/42m ); AZ 89A (21.1mi/49m ).

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