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Interstate 675 Descriptions


Interstate 675 (I-675) was built in southeast metro Atlanta during the mid-1980s to alleviate Interstate 75 to the west, for traffic bound to Interstate 285 east. It is 11.04 miles (17.77 km) in length, running from I-75 in the south from the city of Stockbridge to I-285 at its north end. I-675 is also designated as the Terrell Starr Parkway and is also known as the unsigned State Route 413.


At one time, I-675 was to connect with Georgia 400 in northeast Atlanta. However, this would have destroyed many neighborhoods including Inman Park. Because It was thought that the road was unnecessary due to three other existing north/south Interstates across and around the city, and due to community opposition, the road was stopped by then-governor of Georgia Jimmy Carter in 1975. It also would have connected to Interstate 420, and to Interstate 485 (Presidential Parkway), both of which were also (mostly) never built, for the same reasons. What would have been the highway interchange of this road and I-485 is now the location of the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library.

As of 2010, the idea of connecting I-675 and GA 400 has been resurrected, being put on an official list of GDOT priorities. This would extend I-675 north to I-20 with a surface road, then go underground with a tunnel. This would displace some neighborhoods and industrial areas to the south. The tunnel would protect other areas with denser populations north of I-20, however there would still be ventilation buildings.


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