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I-81 Intersections


    Interstate 40 near Dandridge, Tennessee, northeast of Knoxville, Map
    Interstate 26 between the Tri-Cities: Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol, Tennessee, Map
    Interstate 77 in Wytheville, Virginia. They stay joined for about 10 miles (16 km), and go in opposite directions (i.e., this is a wrong-way concurrency, where I-81 North overlaps I-77 South, and vice versa), Map
    Interstate 64 in Lexington, Virginia. They stay joined until Staunton, Virginia, Map
    Interstate 66 in Middletown, Virginia, Map
    Interstate 70 in Hagerstown, Maryland, Map
    Interstate 76 in Middlesex, Pennsylvania (near Carlisle, Pennsylvania), Map
    Interstate 83 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Map
    Interstate 78 in Bordnersville, Pennsylvania (near Jonestown, Pennsylvania), Map
    Interstate 80 in Saint Johns, Pennsylvania (near Hazleton, Pennsylvania), Map
    Interstate 476 in Dupont, Pennsylvania (near Pittston, Pennsylvania), Map
    Interstate 84 and Interstate 380 in Dunmore, Pennsylvania (near Scranton, Pennsylvania) Throop Dunmore Interchange, Map
    Interstate 476 (again) in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, Map
    Interstate 88 and future Interstate 86 in Binghamton, New York, Map
    Interstate 690 in downtown Syracuse, New York, Map
    Interstate 90 in North Syracuse, New York, Map


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