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Chat Room for I-85

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R677 at I-85 - 9 Hours Ago112
What is traffic like between Montgomery and aubutn
R623 at I-85 - 3 Days Ago111
Bumper to bumper l 85 North mile 109
Sheena at I-85 - 1 Week Ago110
Just past exit for Gàffey, SC traffic is bumper to bumper. Been this way since we hit Altanta,Ga. Does anyone know why other than the weather?
R911 at I-85 - 1 Week Ago109
Any idea of problem on I 85
R817 at I-85 - 1 Week Ago108
My father dropped his checkbook... any idea how to call Reston management?
R680 at I-85 - 2 Weeks Ago107
How is traffic around Duncan,any wrecks
Bridget Boyd at I-85 - 2 Weeks Ago106
Like y'all's food so much
R201 at I-85 - 2 Weeks Ago105
First one to tell me whats going on wins a king size twix from my car
R190 at I-85 - 2 Weeks Ago104
We've been at stop for 35 minutes. Any idea what's going on?
R201 at I-85 - 2 Weeks Ago103
What is going on stuck in traffic
R584 at I-85 - 8th May, 2017102
Whats going on on 85 north Lawrenceville?
R983 at I-85 - 30th Apr, 2017101
What's the problem on 85 near Commerce?
R467 at I-85 - 29th Apr, 2017100
Why are SP pacing traffic?
R594 at I-85 - 27th Apr, 201799
Hi. I'm going to 17th St and coming from lawrenceville. Can I take 85 south all the way to 17th st?
R476 at I-85 - 25th Apr, 201798
Headed to work. Is there traffic on I-85 North getting off onto exit 19
Morticia at I-85 - 22nd Apr, 201797
How long time is backup on i85 north Atlanta
R232 at I-85 - 21st Apr, 201796
Where is the wreck and what happened?
Rae at I-85 - 21st Apr, 201795
Headed to North Carolina on I85 North from Cobb County. What's the traffic like right now
Elkey at I-85 - 20th Apr, 201794
Coming from 85 South going to Athens this weekend. Can you suggest an alternate route around all of the traffic issues. As well as an alternate from Athens to Montgomery?
R500 at I-85 - 20th Apr, 201793
How far south bound is traffic backed up
R901 at I-85 - 20th Apr, 201792
Do you have any idea when I-85 will be open?
R976 at I-85 - 19th Apr, 201791
I was just passed by about 20 police cars with blue lights on I-85 North. What was happening?
Jhov at I-85 - 18th Apr, 201790
Traffic sb 85 charlotte
R162 at I-85 - 17th Apr, 201789
What's going on on i85 south. We have been stopped for over 20 minutes
R784 at I-85 - 17th Apr, 201788
Trying o find out what is going on near my location. Have been sitting at a stand still for about 30 mins
R132 at I-85 - 16th Apr, 201787
is traffic congested on I-85 North to Richmond
R576 at I-85 - 12th Apr, 201786
From Indianapolis ...traveling to Sharpsburg far can we go on I85 south of Atlanta?
Ang at I-85 - 11th Apr, 201785
Hi what's going on at marker 128 NC 2 officers blocking lanes .
Pamela at I-85 - 10th Apr, 201784
What is the problem on 85 north???
Mt, at I-85 - 10th Apr, 201783
Does anyone know if traffic is moving on I 85 North and South Carolina
Brett at I-85 - 10th Apr, 201782
What in on highway 85 going to Greenville
Malone at I-85 - 10th Apr, 201781
Is 85 moving at all in SC?
Marge at I-85,SC - 10th Apr, 201780
Why is 85 North stopped? Around exit 6?
R182 at I-85 - 9th Apr, 201779
Looks like 30 miles backed up and we omly went from Newnan to LaGrange but I can see it stretches farther toward alabama
210eric at I-85 - 9th Apr, 201778
Is I 85 still backed up
Carly1107 at I-85 - 9th Apr, 201777
Traffic backed up for miles on I 85 south don't where the wreck or what is but when I noticed they were moving it was backed up before the exit for hwy 81
210eric at I-85 - 9th Apr, 201776
Get ready to stop traffic backed up just beyond exit 35 south bound
Fred D. 55 at I-85 - 9th Apr, 201775
How Atlanta traffic
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