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R784 at I-80 - 29th Dec, 201914
I-80 Construction near me, reported by R784. Construction is close to I-80 IN Exit 0mm, near Whiting, about 3.53 mi to the exit
R986 at I-86 - 26th Sep, 201913
I-86 Accident near me, reported by R986. Accident is close to I-86 NY Exit 18, near Steamburg, about 1.20 mi to the exit
R259 at I-65 - 12th Aug, 201912
I-65 Accident near me, reported by R259. Accident is close to I-65 AL Exit 219, near Jemison, about 2.65 mi to the exit
E450 at I-86 - 23rd Jan, 201911
Road conditions between Naple, ny and Elmira airport
E400 at I-86 - 22nd Jan, 201910
Traveling this morning from Pittsburgh to Alfred NY. What are the road conditions on I 86.
62vette at I-86 - 30th Jul, 20189
Can not open a window for lodging/hotels by exits. What is the path? Thanks.
R769 at I-86 - 5th Jun, 20188
What is the road quality of 86 from elmira to pa?
I-86 at I-86 - 2nd May, 20187
Wondering what road condition are for I-86 between I-90 and Binghamton?? Road used to be pretty bad, wondering if it's been fixed. Thanks for any help!
V557 at I-86 - 19th Apr, 20186
Will be traveling east on I 86 from Elmira to Binghamton, Friday, 4/20, About 5pm. ANY PROBLEMS?
Volvo at I-86 - 2nd Apr, 20185
U500: any word on how long our wait will be
R875 at I-86 - 18th Mar, 20184
Roads are in terrible conditions even on a good day. Especially between Salamanca and Randolph west bound. should not be permitted to have traffic on it until it is fixed.
R634 at I-86 - 16th Mar, 20183
Does anyone know the road conditions between Dansville, NY and Jamestown, NY?
R237 at I-86 - 9th Mar, 20182
How are the roads from bath to pa state line tonight?
Roadnow Chat for I-86 - 10th Dec, 20131
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