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I-16 Georgia Traffic Road Conditions

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I-16 Georgia Traffic

I-16 Georgia exit traffic I-16 Georgia city traffic I-16 driving time/average speed between Georgia exits Traffic incidents reported by Georgia DOT Traffic incidents reported by User

I-16 Georgia Traffic and Road Conditions from DOT

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Major city traffic along I-16 Georgia


I-16 traffic between exits in Georgia

GO Exit nn1 Exit nn2: Traffic Delays between exits on I-16 GAGO Exit nn1 Exit nn2: Current driving time between exits on I-16 GAGO Exit nn1 Exit nn2: Current average speed between exits on I-16 GA

I-16 Georgia exit traffic

~ mi

Mile Marker 0mm

~ mi 0.37 mi 0.32 mi 4.02 mi 5.91 mi 6.51 mi 5.09 mi 3.76 mi 4.73 mi 6.72 mi 2.51 mi ~ mi

Mile Marker 46mm

6.71 mi 2.65 mi 2.31 mi ~ mi

Mile Marker 56mm

4.75 mi 8.24 mi 4.24 mi 6.24 mi 6.42 mi 5.07 mi 8.45 mi 5.78 mi 7.11 mi 5.08 mi 10.06 mi 5.48 mi 5.03 mi 5.28 mi ~ mi

Mile Marker 144mm

5.77 mi 4.13 mi 2.75 mi 2.1 mi 2.54 mi 2.44 mi 1.53 mi 1.28 mi 0.58 mi 0.32 mi

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