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R277 at I-70 - 2 Days Ago218
Any idea why traffic is stopped on east bound at mm 149 outside zanesville
R225 at I-70 - 3 Days Ago217
What's going on with the American flags today and the motorcycle procession by mile 113?
R580 at I-70 - 4 Days Ago216
Is route from Ogden to Denver clear?
R265 at I-70 - 4 Days Ago215
Can anyone tell me how tge road conditions are from Wichita to Denver along I70? Thanks!
R363 at I-70 - 5 Days Ago214
Is hwy 70 west in Missouri at mm 200 closed
Tessa going east at I-70 - 5 Days Ago213
Is I70 clear of bad weather from Green River, Utah through Denver and further east?
Jennsh at I-70 - 5 Days Ago212
Hello, wanted to know if freeway i70 was closed? My dad is on i80 and says it's closed he is in cheyenne Wyoming and doesn't know what route to take
Charlie at I-70 - 5 Days Ago211
Is I-70 open from KC to Denver?
R885 at I-70 - 6 Days Ago210
Is there an accident west bound from Denver?
R763 at I-70 - 6 Days Ago209
How is I 70 between breckenridge and aspen
Rosa at I-70 - 6 Days Ago208
Would like to know what the road conditions are from aspen to Ogden Utah
plou at I-70 - 6 Days Ago207
I70 west of Topeka. What is the hold up?
R348 at I-70 - 6 Days Ago206
What is the hold up??????
Lori at I-70 - 6 Days Ago205
Is Vail pass closed?
R598 at I-70 - 6 Days Ago204
I'M in Aurora Colorado going to Oklahoma City on I-70 to I-35 heading to Oklahoma City what are the roads like
R598 at I-70 - 6 Days Ago203
I am in Aurora Colorado going to okc on I70 to I35 to Oklahoma City what are the roads like
T at I-70 - 6 Days Ago202
I am in vail needing to head to Colorado Springs it's it open yet or any better
Todriveon at I-70 - 6 Days Ago201
I will be leaving Grand Junction in the morning going thru Denver. Are road conditions going to be ok?
Violet at I-70 - 1 Week Ago200
Whats going on to back traffic up so bad
R670 at I-70 - 1 Week Ago199
Is there a problem at mile marker 199, I-70 east?
Jb at I-70 - 1 Week Ago198
Total stop on i70 east..before h hwy..why?
R239 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago197
It is at Cloverdale exit a wreck
R654 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago196
Anyone know how many miles this s backed up from the source?
R995 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago195
Any update on standstill on I70 E
R886 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago194
Why is I70 east near Terre haute at a standstill?
Wojo at I-70,IN - 2 Weeks Ago193
Traffic at a standstill I 70 east near terre haute
R127 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago192
Hi, Are there any pet friendly hotels between Salina KS and Denver, CO? Thank you!
R349 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago191
What is happening on 70 @ 68
R268 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago190
Is it safe to proceed east on I-70 from Colby towards Junctuon City? I've gotten several flash flood warnings. Is the interstate flooded?
R237 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago189
Is 70e open to Richmond
R580 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago188
What is going on? We are completely stopped on I 70 west bound trying to get to St Louis.
R722 at I-70 - 2 Weeks Ago187
How bad is this
R329 at I-70 - 5th May, 2017186
Is I 70 open in Greenville to Pocahontas
R176 at I-70 - 5th May, 2017185
Its i70 west open
SC43 at I-70 - 4th May, 2017184
Can we use I 70 westbound to go through St. Louis.
SC at I-70 - 4th May, 2017183
Is westbound open through St Louis going to CO
hopie at I-70 - 3rd May, 2017182
coming from Kansas City, can I get over the Mississippi
Driver at I-70 - 3rd May, 2017181
What is up with 70 WB between Lawrence and Topeka?
R379 at I-70 - 3rd May, 2017180
Can I get through St. Louis on I-70 from Columbia to Illinois?
Wenfy at I-70 - 3rd May, 2017179
How is I70? Can I get through St Louis to Illinois on I80!
Autumn at I-70 - 3rd May, 2017178
I-70 at Hwy 19 heading east to Illinois
R146 at I-70 - 1st May, 2017177
Traffic at 1_70 west at a standstill anyone know why
R556 at I-70 - 1st May, 2017176
I just drove from Good land to kansas city no issues
R635 at I-70 - 1st May, 2017175
Currently in ft Collins and trying to get back to Kansas city. I see I70 is open from border to Salina but read road is completely covered in spots. Can anyone confirm?
Stuck at I-70 - 1st May, 2017174
Is I 70 open from junction city to denver
Jen at I-70 - 1st May, 2017173
Is I-70 open at Hays to Colorado?
R308 at I-70 - 1st May, 2017172
East bound opened from good land
R417 at I-70 - 1st May, 2017171
Is westbound 70 open between Effingham and St Louis ?
Travel at I-70 - 1st May, 2017170
Is i 70 east open??
T at I-70 - 1st May, 2017169
It's open.
R671 at I-70 - 1st May, 2017168
As of ksdot I 70 is open from Salina to Colorado border
Tryingtogethome at I-70 - 1st May, 2017167
Is 70 open yet
R129 at I-70 - 1st May, 2017166
Any word on 70 reopening?
Mikeeeee at I-70 - 1st May, 2017165
Any body know if 70 open
R871 at I-70 - 1st May, 2017164
what's the next best route for those that are headed for Denver
Joe at I-70 - 1st May, 2017163
I was just told by law enforcement in Burlington that dot is shooting for noon to reopen. I don't see why this is taking so long.
R380 at I-70 - 1st May, 2017162
Checked the cameras and the roads seem pretty cleared up, and the weather radar shows the snow storm moved up north already, not sure if the national guard is still working on clearing out any stranded drivers
tim at I-70 - 1st May, 2017161
This is bs roads are good! What's up DOT
R555 at I-70 - 1st May, 2017160
It would be nice to get some updates from the DOT in this site!
R380 at I-70 - 1st May, 2017159
I-70 still closed at Burlington
R339 at I-70 - 1st May, 2017158
Hey fellas, is the I-70 going west from hays, ks open yet? Trying to get to Denver
R534 at I-70 - 1st May, 2017157
Checked weather around 2 am or 3 weather will be a little clear wind at 10mph... hope I 70 opens soon
R535 at I-70 - 1st May, 2017156
Any weather update? When will I 70 reopen?
R699 at I-70 - 1st May, 2017155
Can i drive through 70 west with chains on my tires
R837 at I-70 - 1st May, 2017154
Still closed I'm stuck in limon
rick at I-70 Hays, Kansas Traffic - 1st May, 2017153
same as below. headed back to kc from denver . Monday or tuesday? whats best
rick at I-70 Hays, Kansas Traffic - 1st May, 2017152
headed back from denver. wanted to drive back to kc on monda. how is the roads. should i wait til tuesday
Adrian at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017151
How's I-70 going into Colorado
R694 at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017150
Is I-70 open yet to get to Colorado
R867 at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017149
Is i70 east open yet roads are starting to look clear?
Paul at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017148
When is I70 going to open
R461 at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017147
Looks good at Good land
Mary at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017146
Is 70 open near Burlington co?
Orf at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017145
What's the word. Roads look pretty good. Here in grainfield exit
Npldriver at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017144
When will 70 wb be open ?
R338 at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017143
Snow isn't going to stop till around 9 my guess is I 70 east won't open till the morning
R315 at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017142
Is I 79 from Goodland still closed
Julia at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017141
When is i-70 going to open, are there any estaments
Concerned at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017140
Is I-70 gonna be open in the morning at hays
dwight at I-70 Hays, Kansas Traffic - 30th Apr, 2017139
Is there an ETA for when the highway will open?
Jeff at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017138
We are westbound on I 70 heading across to Colorado and Utah. Does anybody know the conditions? We could go down 35 and pick up 40. Any advice?
R208 at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017137
When will the roads open?
R119 at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017136
I'm driving to Kansas City from denver but stopped at good land due tosnow do u know when i70 opens
Jan at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017135
Is interstate open from hays to Grainfield
R441 at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017134
Do you know when i70 will open from Denver to kansas
R862 at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017133
Did they open I70 yet?
R729 at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017132
Is I 70 opened yet
R441 at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017131
Where in Kansas is I70 east open?
R104 at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017130
How long before I70 reopens?
R780 at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017129
I-70 still closed ?
Gary at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017128
In Wakeene- still windy- bet they don't open the gates until that settles down
R399 at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017127
Does anyone know if I-70 From hays KS to Brighton Colorado open yet
Joe at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017126
Dies anyone know when I-70 east is going to open
gina at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017125
Traveling to Wichita KS from Colorado. Is I-70 still closed?
R807 at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017124
Anybody knows whats going on on I70?
Louis at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017123
Is 70 east still closed
Pt at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017122
Any word if I70 west will open?
R732 at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017121
Do you know when the roads will be open
Mel at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017120
Family going west in i70 almost to exit 159. Is it still closed?
R672 at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017119
Is i/70 still closed
R159 at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017118
Anyone know how I70 eastbound is from Goodland? Open? Closed?
keith at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017117
WaKeeney, Ka What are the road conditions? Heard I 70 is closed? Is it still closed? Do you think it will open soon?
R908 at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017116
What are road conditions from Hays east to Topeka?
R321 at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017115
Is I 70 open heading west from colby
R999 at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017114
Is I-70 closed anywhere between Burlington CO. & Hays KS?
Malinda at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017113
When will it re open?
R433 at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017112
When will the high way re-open?
R586 at I-70 - 30th Apr, 2017111
HowsII70 going West are any roads flooded
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