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R961 at I-70 - 14th Sep, 201844
Was stuck in traffic today around 3-4 on I 70 MM 25. Road closed. WHY?
R801 I70 at I-70 - 13th Sep, 201843
Got to get to Columbia tomorrow fron Kansas city. Is I70 going to be a good route? Don't know any other way.
B at I-70 - 8th Sep, 201842
2 car collision near exit 44. Ems on scene
R431 at I-70 - 7th Sep, 201841
Should we drive from KC MO to Augusta, MO today via I-70 or are there construction delays? Is the rain causing major delays? Is there flash flooding? Wedding to attend at 6 PM in Augusta. Any help you can give will be appreciated. Thanks!
R571 at I-70 - 19th Aug, 201840
Go north to Manhattan if you can get to an exit. Then you can bypass the accident.
B313 at I-70 - 19th Aug, 201839
East bound I70 backed up starting at exit 313 on back towards Junction City. Unknown lost facts due to traffic conditions. Currently I70 EB is a parking lot... find alternate route.
Bigheartmomma at I-70 - 13th Aug, 201838
Yraffic at a standstill on I-70 westbound lane near Smithboro. Any y'all know what's up?
Mike at I-70 - 2nd Aug, 201837
Distance from Rt 15 junction of I70 in Frederick to exit for I 81
Julie at I-70 - 29th Jun, 201836
Traffic west bound I-70 is completely stopped near Aurora Utah.
CCC at I-70 - 27th Jun, 201835
Eastbound traffic on I-70 near Lewisbirg, OH had come to a complete stop 77 miles west of I-270.
R454 at I-70 - 22nd Jun, 201834
What happened on I70 at Pierron??
Homergirl at I-70 - 19th Jun, 201833
A467: do you know what happened back by Oakley? Must be bad
R583 at I-70 - 17th Jun, 201832
Any update on traffic i79 towards wheeling?
R853 at I-70 - 17th Jun, 201831
What's happening on i70 towards Wheeling, wall to wall traffic at stand still
Y181 at I-70 - 17th Jun, 201830
Y181: hey what's happening up there?
R578 at I-70 - 13th Jun, 201829
Anyone see a Blue Jeep Cherokee Monday morning around 7:30 am come off of a tow dolly attached to a UHAUL
X901 at I-70 - 10th Jun, 201828
From blue springs to I470 how long a delay?
R514 at I-70 - 9th Jun, 201827
What happened on 70 eb by putnamville?
R515 at I-70 - 24th May, 201826
What is going on I-70 just past Terre Haute
R822 at I-70 - 20th May, 201825
What’s going on I 70 near Sweet Springs... 8-10 police cars just past us —
R552 at I-70 - 20th May, 201824
What is going on at Exit 70 East bound??? Motorcycles, flags, traffic is bumper to bumper.
R161 at I-70 - 18th May, 201823
On i-70 almost to wentzville. Have been crawling for the last 30 minutes. Only to cover 7mikes according to GPS. Still no end to the crawl. Still not sure why we're not moving.
R672 at I-70 - 17th May, 201822
My dad left something at a rest there a number he can call??
R354 at I-70 - 14th May, 201821
dead stop traffic going westbound on I-70 at exit 168
R236 at I-70 - 7th May, 201820
Anyone have any info?
Thom at I-70 - 7th May, 201819
Anyone have any info
R475 at I-70 - 7th May, 201818
Totally stopped traffic just before exit 68 due to accident.
R872 at I-70 - 21st Apr, 201817
Car crash
R433 at I-70 - 21st Apr, 201816
WTH is going on?
V634 at I-70 - 21st Apr, 201815
Thank you R830. We just entered Frederick County from Hagerstown
V634 at I-70 - 21st Apr, 201814
Whats going on on 70 east? We are almost at the bridge before MD rest stop. Barely moving.
V273 at I-70 - 15th Apr, 201813
Is I70 eastbound in Washington pa one lane today’s?
R669 at I-70 - 14th Apr, 201812
Current Conditions from hays ks to denver co
U385 at I-70 - 1st Apr, 201811
Snow and icy. 4 Vehicles off road between I70 mile marker 66 and 69. SUV landed upsides down. Over on roof
U180 at I-70 - 29th Mar, 201810
Any one there?
R731 at I-70 - 23rd Mar, 20189
What's up with the stall?
R325 at I-70 - 21st Mar, 20188
Is I 70 still closed at State Road 1?
R171 at I-70 - 21st Mar, 20187
What’s the hold up?
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