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R352 at I-84 - 1 Week Ago90
Ststus on I-84 accident west of Middletown New York
R662 at I-84 - 1 Week Ago89
What's the hold up to get off ex 2 on 84 W
Donna at I-84 - 2 Weeks Ago88
Donnaonce to know was anyone traveling team for on Thursday proximately 9 AM and so the tractor-trailer car accident?
Vicki at I-84 - 20th Apr, 201787
I'm trying to find towns that are along the area where I84 crosses the Utah state line into Idaho and towns whee the I84 crosses the Idaho state line into Oregon. Can you tell me some?
R174 at I-84 - 18th Apr, 201786
I 84 west. Why the traffic delay?
NG at I-84 - 15th Apr, 201785
Is 84 east open any time soon ?
bob at I-84 - 13th Apr, 201784
traffic update for port jervis
Louis&linda at I-84 - 3rd Apr, 201783
What's the hold uo
R850 at I-84 - 31st Mar, 201782
Accident; east bound at Cement Plant stopped since 7 PM; west bound is moving.
Accident at I-84,CT - 24th Mar, 201781
Stuck in traffic not moving between x69 and x68 traveling westbound. Already been 45 minutes
R687 at I-84 - 18th Mar, 201780
Does anyone know how far down it goez?
R687 at I-84 - 18th Mar, 201779
Anyone see tbid accident?
R959 at I-84 - 17th Mar, 201778
Where is the nearest gas station on I 84 N. closest to mile marker 36
R587 at I-84 - 16th Mar, 201777
What's going on on 84 in CT near MA border heading towards Hartford
R260tina at I-84 - 16th Mar, 201776
What time to Lloyd center
R444 at I-84 - 16th Mar, 201775
I have to drive from Nj to Hartford tonight at 7pm. Are the highways icy in that area
Shari at I-84 Portland, Oregon Traffic - 15th Mar, 201774
Has the semi truck incident been cleared from Hwy 84 near Gresham?
R487 at I-84 - 15th Mar, 201773
How is 1-84 right now. Going to Dallas pa wondering how the roads are
R688 at I-84 - 15th Mar, 201772
HELLO!!!!!what good is this if whoever is operating it is ASLEEP!!
Angela at I-84 - 15th Mar, 201771
Is 84 open& clear between pa & ny border?
R162 at I-84 - 15th Mar, 201770
Online looks like 84 is open tobtrucks is this correct?
R162 at I-84 - 15th Mar, 201769
Is 84 east into my open?
R626 at I-84 - 14th Mar, 201768
Is 84 east open?
R608 at I-84 - 14th Mar, 201767
Is Rt 84 still closed?
R122 at I-84 - 14th Mar, 201766
Is I84 still closed?
Whomoney at I-84 - 14th Mar, 201765
Is i 84 open
R531 at I-84 - 14th Mar, 201764
Is 84 west open
Jo at I-84 - 14th Mar, 201763
Does anyone know if 84 west towards Mitford, PA opened
R889 at I-84 - 14th Mar, 201762
Is 84 east open, heard on CB closed state of emergency
R872 at I-84 - 14th Mar, 201761
Is 84 open?
R122 at I-84 - 14th Mar, 201760
Is 84 open?
R802 at I-84 - 11th Mar, 201759
How are road conditions for 84 west now
R802 at I-84 - 11th Mar, 201758
Anyone have road conditions for 84 west now
Kathy at I-84 - 10th Mar, 201757
Anyone know road conditions 84 east near milford
R922 at I-84 - 28th Feb, 201756
R559 at I-84 - 14th Feb, 201755
Weather in s l city
R664 at I-84 - 13th Feb, 201754
Is 84 at 67 closed
R664 at I-84 - 13th Feb, 201753
Is 84 E. in Vernon closed?
R371 at I-84 - 12th Feb, 201752
I84 east it's open
R389 at I-84 - 12th Feb, 201751
Is 84 east closed
R389 at I-84 - 12th Feb, 201750
Anyone know what's the problem on 84 east
Jan at I-84 - 12th Feb, 201749
What is the accident in nys near Milford
MM at I-84 - 12th Feb, 201748
How is 84 w to 81 s to airport in Avoco?
R579 at I-84 - 12th Feb, 201747
How is 84 w to 81s to Scranton
Luke at I-84,PA - 12th Feb, 201746
By milford exit major accident. Hour wait
R233 at I-84 - 12th Feb, 201745
How is 84 E going to Hartford ct
RNAK at I-84 - 12th Feb, 201744
Tandem plows wnt thu 84 e need it bad on 84 w
RNAK at I-84 - 12th Feb, 201743
How is Greenville Mtn and Rte 84
R476 at I-84 - 12th Feb, 201742
84 east heading to Hartford ct ? Conditions ?
R476 at I-84 - 12th Feb, 201741
How is 84 east
RNAK at I-84 - 12th Feb, 201740
Nasty snow covered road 40 mph road not plowed 84 w
R691 at I-84 - 12th Feb, 201739
What the traffic like on 84 around Danbury
Hector at I-84 - 11th Feb, 201738
How traffic on 84 by Fishkill?
R322 at I-84 - 11th Feb, 201737
What's the De?lay at mm 52
R683 at I-84 - 11th Feb, 201736
How is traffic moving by i84 Fishkill?
R274 at I-84 - 11th Feb, 201735
On 52 just before tacking going west
3 mph
Kitty kat123 at I-84 - 11th Feb, 201734
What is going on 1-84 near stormville ny
R957 at I-84 - 10th Feb, 201733
Hello. Is there any snow falling on I 84 eastbound from Fishkill to Danbury?
R261 at I-84 - 10th Feb, 201732
what are road conditions from Portland througg Hermiston up to Richland
R886 at I-84 - 9th Feb, 201731
I am on 84 near exit 26 east bound how's the road ahead to new york
R202 at I-84 - 9th Feb, 201730
Why is traffic stopped 84 E in ny
R506 at I-84 - 9th Feb, 201729
What is the delay on I 84 E.
R932 at I-84 - 9th Feb, 201728
How is 84 West going towards the Taconic
R304 at I-84 - 9th Feb, 201727
Trying to get to jersey, I am in southington ct, will like to know if route 84, 191, 91 are cleaned
R304 at I-84 - 9th Feb, 201726
Is route 84 clean
Milly at I-84 - 9th Feb, 201725
Are there any parts of I-84 closed between Idaho and Portland OR
Marierod14 at I-84 - 9th Feb, 201724
How is 84 from Dutchess County to Putnam
R272 at I-84 - 9th Feb, 201723
How do you get live info from this site?
R272 at I-84 - 9th Feb, 201722
Is the NBA open both ways?
R119 at I-84 - 9th Feb, 201721
Is the Newburgh Beacon Bridge open
R301 at I-84 - 9th Feb, 201720
How's traffic on 84 west Newburgh to e,it 4
Axemen at I-84 - 9th Feb, 201719
What's the status of 84 west from bridge to 17
R274 at I-84 - 9th Feb, 201718
Did 84 close towards Newburgh/beacon
TM at I-84 - 9th Feb, 201717
I'm in Naugatuck and I'm hearing I84 is closed. Any idea where?
R393 at I-84 - 9th Feb, 201716
Is Rt 84 open going to CT
R575 at I-84 - 9th Feb, 201715
Heading east.on 84 pa to Conn how are.the roads
Jaye at I-84 - 9th Feb, 201714
I am traveling from exit 1 to exit 4w any part of the road closed
R470 at I-84 - 9th Feb, 201713
Have they closed any parts of 84
R962 at I-84 - 8th Feb, 201712
How are roads to Boise id from Ontario or
R987 at I-84 - 7th Feb, 201711
How are roads from vale oregon to nampa idaho
R987 at I-84 - 7th Feb, 201710
How are the roads from vale oregon to nampa idaho
R361 at I-84 - 7th Feb, 20179
How does Sweetzer pass look?
R314 at I-84 - 7th Feb, 20178
Hello there
Is it safe to travel from Boise ID to Portland OR driving on 84
R908 at I-84 - 6th Feb, 20177
Roads Pendleton to Portland
jz at I-84 - 6th Feb, 20176
What are current conditions on Deadman's pass? Are chains required?
R383 at I-84 - 5th Feb, 20175
How is 84 to tri cities from portland?
Id tater at I-84 - 4th Feb, 20174
How is I84 Stanfield to Ontario?
Wally at I-84 - 4th Feb, 20173
How's i-84 eastbound frm biggs to pendleton
R556 at I-84 - 4th Feb, 20172
Is the road closed?
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