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Interstate 84

Interstate 84 (west)

Interstate 84 west (I-84) is an interstate highway in the Western United States that runs from Portland, Oregon (intersecting I-5) to Echo, Utah (intersecting I-80) It follows roughly the same route as the Oregon Trail. (There is also a separate I-84 in the Northeastern United States.)

Starting in Portland, where it is referred to as the Banfield Expressway, the interstate runs through the Columbia River Gorge parallel to the historic Columbia River Highway to The Dalles. It then continues along the Columbia River until it veers in a southeasterly direction at Boardman. It crosses the Blue Mountains, and continues toward Ontario, Oregon, at the Idaho border.

Crossing southern Idaho, I-84 passes through Boise (a spur, I-184 connects to the city center), near Twin Falls and through Burley and Rupert. East of Rupert it veers to the southeast and crosses the Utah border. The highway runs concurrently with I-15 between Tremonton and Ogden, running through Brigham City. I-84 terminates at an intersection with I-80 in Summit County near Echo.

The western section of I-84 was known as I-80N until May 1, 1980[2]. There was also an I-80S, which is now numbered I-76. Changes in federal guidelines discouraged the use of suffix letters on interstate highways. As a result these two were renumbered.

Interstate 84 (east)

Interstate 84 east (abbreviated I-84) is an interstate highway extending from Dunmore, Pennsylvania (near Scranton, Pennsylvania) at an intersection with Interstate 81 to Sturbridge, Massachusetts, at an intersection with the Massachusetts Turnpike (Interstate 90). I-84 has mile-based junction numbering in Pennsylvania. New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts junction numbering is sequential.

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